The Eleventh Symposium was held September 20 – 23, 2015 in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The program was hosted by Emera, Inc. Nearly 400 people attended from eight countries. Mr. Rich Hendler of Dow served as the symposium chairperson, and Mr. Rob Young of NS Power/Emera served as the local committee chair. The plenary session was led by Mr. Allen Crabtree. Rob Bennett, COO, Eastern Canada, Emera, Inc. provided the keynote address. Over 120 presentations were made over three days of concurrent educational sessions, in areas of interest including Wildlife, Vegetation Management, Technology, Planning, Assessment and Restoration. The proceedings are currently in production.

Many thanks to the Steering Committee and Local Planning Committee for their work in organizing ROW 11:

ROW 11 Steering Committee
Rich Hendler, Chair (Dow)
Larry Abrahamson (SUNY-ESF)
Coni Arseneau (Utility Arborist Association)
Josiane Bonneau (Wildlife Habitat Council)
Mike Boyle (Ecology & Environment, Inc.)
Jessica Carroll (Utility Arborist Association)
Phil Charlton (Utility Arborist Association)
Allen Crabtree (Retired)
Ed Cunningham (ECI)
Jean Doucet (Retired)
James Evans (Retired)
David Fleischner (Trees Inc.)
John Goodrich-Mahoney (EPRI)
Carmen Holschuh (TERA Consulting)
Richard Law (Ace Vegetation Service)
Normand Lesieur (Hydro Quebec)
Rick Loughery (Edison Electric Institute)
Kevin McLoughlin (ECI)
Randy Miller (PacifiCorp)
Pam Money (PG&E)
Dean Mutrie (TERA Consulting)
Eleanor Nelson (Conference Manager)
John Peconom (FERC)
Cameron Shankland (GeoDigital)
Mitchell Shields (Merjent)
Tom Sullivan (EIG-LLC)
Mike Timpson (National Resource Group)
Rob Young, (Nova Scotia Power)
Local Planning Committee
Robert Young (Nova Scotia Power)
Robert Thomson (Nova Scotia Power)
Jason Lyver (Nova Scotia Power)
Ed Glover (Nova Scotia Power)
Brenda MacDonald (Emera)
Penny Slight (Nova Scotia Power)
Glenn Goudey (Nova Scotia Power)
Stephanie Walsh (Nova Scotia Power)