In the summer of 1858, a small group of prospectors from Georgia crossed the great plains of the Colorado Territory and made a region-changing discovery at the base of the Rocky Mountains. Gold. And although not much of the precious metal was found, the mere whisper of the word was enough to start a veritable stampede into the region.

We sincerely invite you to stampede to the Denver Colorado, the host city of the 2018 Symposium, in the search of golden opportunities to network, share ideas and learn from one another.

Denver is known for its beautiful scenery, sunny weather, thriving cultural scene and stunning natural beauty. Located near the Rocky Mountains, there are endless possibilities for nearby adventures, and with award winding dining and breweries, the opportunities to share laughs with old and new friends abound.

Put a trip to Denver in the fall of 2018 in your calendar, where the outcome will be an excellent environment for learning and networking with an international stage of practitioners, all in a beautiful setting.


Find out more information on the beautiful city and region around Denver, Colorado


Tips to adjust to Denver’s high altitude– you will very likely not even notice the difference!

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