Steering Committee Members

  • Carmen Holschuh, Jacobs, Steering Committee Chair
  • Larry Abrahamson, SUNY ESF
  • Sarah Ball
  • Alexandre Beauchemin, Hydro-Quebec
  • Josiane Bonneau, Wildlife Habitat Council
  • Calum Bonnington, GeoMarine Environmental Consultants, Ltd.
  • Mike Boyle, Ecology and Environment, Inc.
  • Alex Brown, Exelon Corp.
  • Eric Brown
  • Curtis Campbell, ERM
  • Darrell Chambers, Bayer
  • Philip Charlton, Utility Arborist Association
  • Allen Crabtree, Retired
  • Ed Cunningham, ECI Consulting
  • Jean Doucet, Retired
  • Jim Downie, ECI Consulting
  • John Goodrich-Mahoney, EPRI
  • Rich Hendler
  • Susan Innis, Xcel Energy
  • Brian Kortum, NiSource
  • Richard Law, ACE Vegetation
  • Normand Lesieur, Hydro-Quebec
  • Rick Loughery, Edison Electric Institute
  • Kevin McLoughlin
  • Will McMillan
  • Randy Miller, PacifiCorp
  • Pamela Money, Pacific Gas and Electric Company
  • Becky Moores, ERM
  • Dean Mutrie, Retired
  • Diona Neeser, Utility Arborist Association
  • Eleanor Nelson, ROW 12 Manager
  • Christopher Nowak, SUNY ESF
  • John Peconom, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
  • Linda Postlewaite
  • Pamela Jo Rasmussen, Xcel Energy
  • Sara Sankowich, Unitil
  • Mitchell Schields, Merjent
  • Cameron Shankland
  • Doug Stewart, Stantec
  • Mike Timpson
  • Rob Young, NS Power
  • Carly Harrower, ACRT

Local Planning Committee

  • Becky Moores, Chair, ERM
  • Jim Downie, ECI Consulting, Program Chair
  • Katie Braly, Jacobs
  • LaChelle Coffey, Jacobs
  • Jim Downie, ECI Consulting
  • Susan Innis, Xcel Energy
  • Bridger Penttila, ECI Consulting
  • Pamela Jo Rasmussen, Xcel Energy

To participate in planning ROW 12, please contact Phil Charlton at or Carmen Holschuh at

Are you interested in joining us for ROW 12?